Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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The focus of this model is relationships
As the individual along with his or her history and life goals interact and intertwine with the structure and agency within the site, relationships emerge. The newly blossomed relationships potentially result in a more powerful impact on society, especially with community gardening as the focus.

The ability to control or make decisions within the community will be guided organically by the participants. Those who are active and post or upload often will naturally and likely carry the most influence within the community.

All are necessary contributors. Some participants may be more focused on gardening as a hobby while others consider gardening a profession. Some are proponents to voluteering within the community, others are just longing to learn. All are grounded by a common interest in gardening.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Our Kauffman Center Mural Painting has made it into the KC STAR! Check out the article HERE!

I'm sitting in a chair in the backroom of my Starbucks on break. I'm sipping on a delicious Passion Iced Tea Apple Juice (because we were out of lemonade), and I'm rummaging through the KC STAR. I remembered the guy who came to "take notes" about a week and a half ago...and have been checking the paper everyday since (just about). Finally, I stumble upon a page with the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts on the front with CEO Jane Chu. I thought to myself, "This has to be the issue! This has to be the issue with our story!" And well it was. Immediately at that moment, my break was over. Sad, I know. My texting skills throughout the past few years have prepared me for a moment like this to happen. I quickly grab my phone, switch it to T9 and all caps and write "GRAB A STAR...WERE IN TODAY'S ISSUE! PASS THE WORD!" I sent it to the 7 mural kids who were on my most recent list. Then, you guessed it...back to work.

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