Sunday, December 19, 2010


I somehow found time to quickly put together a poster to submit to the Reach Out & Read Poster Competition that AIGA KC was running. The concept behind the poster for children to READ, and by doing so, they are attacking illiteracy. The letter forming the word "read" are all from different perspectives and different angles displayed with the tag line "Attack illiteracy from all angles". Below is a close up.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

DT: Martin Luther King Buttons

I just started a Design Team project for the Black History Month in February celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I was excited because they said I would be able to do some illustrations. Time only allowed for this one illustration, while I used typography as another approach. I can't wait to see where these end up.




Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MX: Project 2 | Portfolio Proposal

You can view my plan for my portfolio site here.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MX: Portfolio Beginnings


1. Travelair
2. Green Thumb Society
3. We are Rosedale
4. Duplicity
5. Pins
6. Russell Wright
7. Design Team
8. Communication Theory
9. Trio de Paz
10. Life Magazine
11. McCoy | Vignelli
12. Tender Buttons
13. Experimental Type
14. Kauffman Center Mural Project
15. Adonis
16. Serifa Mailer

1. Branding, Packaging, Illustration
2. Print, Web
3. Color
4. By class or freelance
5. Most Recent
6. Alphabetically

1. +
3. + squarespace

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just a small page of the brand book I am creating for Travelair plane services.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Are Rosedale

The Project
When a member of the Rosedale Community is asked, "Where do you live?", most of the residents wouldn't respond with "Rosedale". Usually those who can't answer are renting their home, and are highly nomadic. They aren't willing to devote enough time to get to know their surrounding community. We are making it easier by highlighting places where one can learn, play, eat, worship, and be healthy in Rosedale. This project is about getting to know the community of Rosedale, and its many usable resources. Any new member of the community will easily be able to discover and explore the city of Rosedale with a new sense of community pride.

The Challenge
Rosedale isn't well known, even to some of its current residents, and we want to put it on the map. We then came up with this question: how can graphic design help give Rosedale distinct boundaries and a greater sense of community pride?

The Solution
Our solution is a campaign that begins with an informational booklet, the booklet will be directly sent to new & current residents of the community through the mail. The second and third part of the campaign are street banners and window clings that are meant to educate residents & the commuters of Rosedale alike.

If you would like to see our project page you can click the link below!
Design Ignites Change Website.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

VA: Accordian Fold | Cover push

The thought was given from Chris to rethink the rules that separate the different fields of information on the front covers. He likes the three different levels of information (icon, WE ___, and then the locations) but the underlining for the "blank" gets lost. Since the weights are different between the rules, the underlining gets lost. So, we readdressed the fields of color and tried to see if the icons could even interact with the fields a little better too. I think the left approach on all of these works best with the white band running across the square. Plus, the icons play really well with the white band on the pink, the green, and the blue. (books, cart, and slide)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MX: IPad Interaction

VA: CP Lecture Afterthoughts

Tonight was the Current Prospectives Lecture with Kristen Dettoni that dealt with sustainable design. I figured since this is the focus that my degree project is headed, it would be a great idea if I went. So I went. Well, there was a lot said about design and sustainability. Some of the topics such as bio-mimicry and "green washing" were discussed and it really got my brain thinking. Towards the end of the lecture she showed us examples of how nature has already impacted design. (which is what I'm going to have to start doing). For example, cat eye reflectors does just that. It's a device that was made for all types of uses, such as on the road, and is used to reflect the light from on coming traffic in order to keep track of boundaries and stay on the road at night. Another example is Whale Power. There was a need to move through the air more effectively and efficiently with propellers, and this company discovered whales have texture and ragged edges. This somehow helps slice and dice the air to increase movement with less energy. Some other companies that have come up with more sustainable practices are Walmart, Timberland, Patagonia, Rural Studios, Speedofast skin, and of course many more.

Hearing all of these companies that were coming to the speaker for advice on how to become more sustainable, including Walmart, starting getting me excited. It reminded of the conversation I had with Chris about how I should start brainstorming and the approach I should start with. So, I was thinking that in my research in finding the top 5 things that are wasted and occupy the most space in landfills, I could use this as an opportunity to develop and create a new system for this product to become more sustainable. I'm still unsure on what that will be, but I'm excited to see where this takes me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VA: Degree Project Thinking

Last week, we seniors were asked to come up with three different areas of focus we would like to explore for our senior degree project. I found this quite difficult. I first began with writing a list of things I liked about design. I enjoy the simple nature of color, and the emotions and effects they can have on people. I like hand generated typography because it is always unique and different. I like to think I like people, meeting them, talking to them, listening to them, seeing them, and bringing them together. Happy people are always nice too. Nature seems to always intrigue me, and I look to it often for inspiration. The process of bio-mimicry and the realization that all design in nature has a use as well as a beauty is stuck in my head. I like the organic characteristic of nature that again reflects the uniqueness that nature has. I am also a fan of recycled design. I like things that find a second use in the same form and things that break down and completely transform into some- thing different. I am a firm supporter for finding different uses for pretty much anything. For me, transferring from a highly illustrative driven design curriculum has led me into a continued inter- est in using illustration within my design whenever possible. I like sketching, painting, cut paper, letterpress and screen printing (although I haven’t done much of the last two), anything hands on and physical really. Web scares me a little. I like motion graphics, primarily in the form of stop motion work. I think it’s the jumpy nature that appeals to me and giving something that naturally has no life, some excitement.

The three areas of interest I proposed were
1. Ethnicity issues dealing with culture, loss of culture in areas, and globalization
2. Advocating for a healthy weight and a healthy life - targeting the obesity issue
3. Recycled design, sustainability, and re purposeful design

1. With Culture and Globalization I starting thinking about traditions. There are new traditions that are being formed, and old traditions that are being lost. Some areas around the world are dealing with a loss of culture and an increase in the corporate company world. There are needs and wants from both the people and the company.

2. THE WAIT FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT. It's about thinking. It's all in your head. Subconsciously you're bored, so you eat. There are habits, life choices, simple changes, and factors that all could be addressed with this direction.

3. In my process for thinking about recycled design and sustainability, I know I have to choose something that is new, different, and yes...innovative. Lots of advancements have been made dealing with these issues, and I need to find a different aspect of it. There are good and bad uses for it, different materials (wood, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, etc).

In today's discussion with Chris, he gave me some things to think about. Well, first we decided that I had the most passion for the recycled design and sustainability direction...and I agree. We discussed efforts that are already out there, and discussed some questions I should think about for next class. The idea that there is no waste, no impact, or at least less impact, on the earth and in the city. The thinking, which came from Boulder, CO that there is no trash. Everything is either recycled or composted. I need to expose myself to what's out there, and what has been done in order to think about other ways to think about this subject. I need to keep in mind that graphic design is about system oriented thinking, not necessarily arts & crafts and creating a sketchbook from an old cereal box. What are the top 5 things that take up the most space in our landfills? What do we waste the most of?

And in relation to Mo's Degree Project....this is my stress level! WOO!

DESIGNSYS: Touchpoint B | Stop Motion Advertisment

This is the stop motion as of last time. I have been scanning the rest of my animations since then...100+ scans later. I now just have to place actions in order and we'll see what it looks like soon.I'm thinking I might change the color from this brown to more of a warm brown, a more inviting brown.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MX: IPAD attempt

Alrighty. Below is my attempt at refining this iPad function. I tried to force too many functions into the interface of the iPad, and now need to simplify. Tammy and I also decided to switch our placement for the use of the iPad, so it will not be calculating the soil's condition. It was brought to our attention that the iPhone would be better suited for this function. Now, we will be using the iPad as either a way to view Miles (a character in our story) blog, or for one of our other characters to join a garden space. The iPad has a large visual space, so it will be a nice touch to see the map so largely displayed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

MX: Script and website update

Detailed Functions:
Lance and I have decided to cover the following functions:
Finding a Space, Bug Testing, Surplus and Soil Testing

FINDING A SPACE (guerilla spot)
Lydia needs to find a space. She’s itching to get her guerilla gardening on. She begins in URBAN SPACES...and searches for the latest “guerilla” uploads.

[scene switch] (motion blur of something here)...Amanda just drove by 4
th and Walnut on her way to the coffee shop. She’s new to the whole gardening scene, but knows a hot spot when she sees it. She takes a quick shot and uploads it to URBAN SPACES. “This location has been uploaded by Amanda” and tagged empty, hot, guerilla (or something.) (This begins to show the range of people who will contribute to the site.)

[scene switch] Lydia searches for the latest “
guerilla” uploads...the corner of 4th and Walnut? Looks great, thanks Amanda. (Lydia’s status changes.)

“Lydia is IN the garden. “

[scene switch] Dustin is sitting at home (
indexical image: picture of a couch or something) and bored to tears. He notices Lydia’s status. Dustin is primarily an amateur community gardener and longs to bring more guerilla gardening spontaneity into his life. Also he’s pretty shy so this gives him a great opportunity to meet a new gardening friend. The Join button blinks (as if he clicked it.) connection animation here (symbolic or indexical like plant growth.)

BUG TESTING (stinky bug)
The following week, while Lydia and Dustin (of the newly established 4
th and Walnut gardening group) are weeding the squash and tulips, they happen upon a bug. [it’s really a stink bug] Lydia screams, but Dustin tries to keep it cool. It’s a beetle bug, he thinks, totally harmless...but Lydia is not so sure. She snaps a picture with her iphone and uploads it to GARDEN RX.

[scene switch] Miles, a former science teacher turned community gardener has decided his purpose in life is to answer all the gardening questions he can handle. The GARDEN RX section brings Miles daily fulfillment...he comments: ”
Yike’s Lydia! That’s a stink bug. Get it out asap, or your garden will be toast. Here’s the solution...” (don’t read this but it’s the link he sends her to his blog.) ....not only do they emit an unpleasant odor as a signal and invitation to other stink bugs, they wreak havoc on plants. solution kaolin clay, weed the area or introduce some predators of the stink bug like garden spiders and the praying mantis.

time lapse

SURPLUS (squash everywhere)
Great. The stink bug is gone. The squash have been growing like crazy. The sun is shining and it’s the best day ever. I think rainbow is about to form. (colorful lens flare flash across screen)

Lydia invites the community to a potluck/
squashluck this Friday (in community events) “Bring something yummy or else” she comments. (close up shot on“15 digs” and lots of comments)—this is going to be fun.

[scene switch] Miles is dying to meet up, but
embarrassed to admit he can’t cook. His community garden is thriving with an outrageous amount of squash as well. He jumps on the SURPLUS section and looks up a simple recipe for butter nut squash soup, uploaded by his new friend Lydia.

Everyone loved it. Miles blushes.

Amanda shows up just in time for dessert. She tempts everyone with a lovely mulberry pie made with foraged berries from that lush tree at 55
th and Main. (maybe zooms to a close up of map or the berries with sparkling light.) Lydia brings out the cool whip and they begin to slice. Miles nervously reaches for his iphone. oh no just as he suspected.

SOIL TESTING (saves lives)
th and Main?...“DON’T eat that pie!!!” blurted miles. “Amanda, did you happen to check the site before foraging those berries? I just tested that soil the other week. (flashback images showing the soil being tested with idirt or isoil or whatever we are calling that thing.) The soil uh...well...TOXIC. It contained a high percentage of petroleum run off from Main street. It sure looks pretty, but I wouldn't eat it if I were you.”

And so, THE GREEN THUMB SOCIETY not only brings gardeners together, it also saves lives.


DESIGNSYS: Authentic, Reliable, Nostalgic Touchpoints