Monday, August 31, 2009


This is my progress as of last night. I still feel a little all over the place.

This is my progress to date. I've added a few more ideas with the help from Abby, Sean, Luke, and Micah. Slowly starting to realize my ideas with the most potential.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


"Rubbish can be recycled, nature cannot". This would be an antithesis.

I see hyperbole with this set of images. It's a Gastro antacid advertisement. I think this is an exaggeration of basically what you consume. Use our products when digestion doesn't work.

I think this advertisemnt the 25th Festival de Joinville "The Whole Art of Dance" is an example of a pun. Basically, the art is comprised of footsteps, which represent dance steps. The art obviously displays dance poses, and dance styles that might be in the show.


Sequence #1 shows the event of bowling from the balls perspective. It starts of high, then lowering to the release of the ball, rolling slowing (or quickly) down the lane. I tried to perceive and show angles in relation to the balls rotation, and then also showing views of such like the wooden panels beneath it.

Squence #2 shows the act of bowling from the pins perspective (or behind the pins I should say). Slowly the ball is released and it approaches closer each frame until shattering the pins into the air. The pins should all be laying down, providing the thought of a strike.


Colored Pencil

Layout Marker


The font I am choosing to work with is Serifa.

Serifa was designed by Adrian Frutiger for the Bauer foundry in 1967. The letterforms are based on those of Frutiger's earlier sans serif design, Univers. Square, unbracketed serifs have been added, making this a slab serif (or Egyptian) typeface. Usually, slab serif types are blocky and difficult to read in text, but Serifa has humanistic forms that are highly readable for both text and display applications such as headlines, captions, or corporate logos.

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There are many uses for well designed tools. Just thought this will come in handy to people other than myself.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Brazilian Nights: The Music of Jobim
My inspiration consists of a fairly warm color palette. I'm currently still debating whether or not I would like to use "neon" colors reflecting Brazil, but my assumption is that I will try deep/rich colors. Yes, the bright colors implicate the Brazilian color palette a little better; however, I would like to propose something that is more "ballroom", sophisticated, mature, respectful, adult and soul-like.

When listening to the 3 featured artists music seperately, I came up with the music being light, upbeat, soft, latin jazz, and a little soul deepness from Harry Allen and his sax. In most of the selected examples above, I really liked the movement within each of them. They have a very organic flow to them which I think represents the soul of jazz. The fact that a lot of these artists improv quite often and really work from each other. I also have an idea to incorporate some fabric or thread-like somewhere. I think it will play well with the raw, artistic, Brazilian feel.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My activity/sport/game/hobby is bowling, and my event would be "hitting the pins"...


Brazilian Nights: The Music of Jobim
Trio Da Paz with Maucha Adnet & Harry Allen

Trio Da Paz
-play jazz-oriented Brazilian music
-formed by guitarist Romero Lubambo
-the group also consists of a bassist Nilson Matta and percussionist Buduka Fonseca
-Formed in Brazil; 1990
-Very active as far as collaboration
-Romero Lubambo has worked with Dianne Reeves- an accomplished Jazz vocalist
-Nilson Matta has collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma-a respected and worldly known cellist
- Duduka Da Fonseca has worked with Astrud Gilberto- "The girl from Ipanema"
-all three musicians started their careers at a very young age
-Trio Da Paz creates "A rhythmically and harmonically adventurous samba".
-The Washington Post: February 5, 1999; Mike Joyce; Article: Trio Da Paz "Partido Out" Malandro
-Trio Da Pz is a "Brazilian Powerhouse"
-The Star Ledger; Thursday August 20, 2009; Zan Stewart; Good Vibes: Joe Locke and Friends honor Jazz ground breakers
Maucha Adnet
-jazz vocalist
-also started her career at a very young age; 15
-vocalist for Ceu da Boca for about 6 years
-worked with Antonio Carlos Jobim for 10 years
Harry Allen
-Jazz saxophone soloist
-Currently from New York
-More than 30 recording in his name
-Gold Disc Award Winner and featured in Swing Journal; Jazz Journal magazines

Samba is a Brazilian Ballroom Dance with African and European roots. It is a sound based on two main beats.
Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music: similar to Samba music; however, consists of more harmonic and melodic complexity. It is a more lively sound that integrates melody/ harmony/ and rhythm together, and avoids trying to only focus on one musical element.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Typography III: Stephen Fry & Gutenberg

For me, what kept my attention throughout the video of Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press was the building process of their replica-like machine. From the illustration that was said to have been dated at least 60 years after Gutenberg's first press to the guy chiseling the wooden double-threaded mechanism. I was amazed by the craftsmanship of that piece! Alike, the lead pouring of the movable type was interesting in itself. The fact that they could create as many "E"s as they wanted made me wonder exactly how many did they make of each letter.