Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Brazilian Nights: The Music of Jobim
Trio Da Paz with Maucha Adnet & Harry Allen

Trio Da Paz
-play jazz-oriented Brazilian music
-formed by guitarist Romero Lubambo
-the group also consists of a bassist Nilson Matta and percussionist Buduka Fonseca
-Formed in Brazil; 1990
-Very active as far as collaboration
-Romero Lubambo has worked with Dianne Reeves- an accomplished Jazz vocalist
-Nilson Matta has collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma-a respected and worldly known cellist
- Duduka Da Fonseca has worked with Astrud Gilberto- "The girl from Ipanema"
-all three musicians started their careers at a very young age
-Trio Da Paz creates "A rhythmically and harmonically adventurous samba".
-The Washington Post: February 5, 1999; Mike Joyce; Article: Trio Da Paz "Partido Out" Malandro
-Trio Da Pz is a "Brazilian Powerhouse"
-The Star Ledger; Thursday August 20, 2009; Zan Stewart; Good Vibes: Joe Locke and Friends honor Jazz ground breakers
Maucha Adnet
-jazz vocalist
-also started her career at a very young age; 15
-vocalist for Ceu da Boca for about 6 years
-worked with Antonio Carlos Jobim for 10 years
Harry Allen
-Jazz saxophone soloist
-Currently from New York
-More than 30 recording in his name
-Gold Disc Award Winner and featured in Swing Journal; Jazz Journal magazines

Samba is a Brazilian Ballroom Dance with African and European roots. It is a sound based on two main beats.
Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music: similar to Samba music; however, consists of more harmonic and melodic complexity. It is a more lively sound that integrates melody/ harmony/ and rhythm together, and avoids trying to only focus on one musical element.

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