Monday, March 29, 2010

Type 4: Activities

After speaking together and discussing possible activities for our conference, Micah and I have come up with more of an outline that the conference will be based around. The scenario is conference goers would begin the conference with a sort of orientation and explanation of the conference outline and will be asked to choose a pair of words that they will then be working with throughout the whole conference. They will use these words through various experiments such as carving type from Styrofoam and creating an visual ambigram of some sort. Attendees will be able to use different media to achieve their task. Through this tactic, attendees will have consistency throughout their workshops and will be able to focus more on the process and experimentation, rather than the content. The conference will be a three day conference that will consist of a final "show & tell" social event on the last day to allow for not only networking, but comparison and idea discovery sharing.

Acme Adonis: The latest in Men's Haircare

This has definitely been a very long process on being comfortable with where my design has been heading. In the beginning I ran into some difficulties with my logotype, but in the end, I still feel that the one I have chosen fits. It may not reflect the universal meaning of the word Adonis, but I feel that it reflects an image of a modern day, updated version of an Adonis. Also, I like the natural organic like feel of the type. It has the look and feel of signature that can be very personalized and individual to each guy.

My product line has gone down a very interesting path. From the beginning I wanted to use photography because through my research in the stores, I found that photography was only reflective in hair coloring packaging. The target user I was pursuing is a 24 year old man who is quite busy with school and work, but still has time to "go out on the town" and hang out with friends. He's got a simple, clean, athletic personalized style that's very fashionable and "in the know".

Friday, March 26, 2010

Type 4: Final Title, Theme, Designer Bio

Beneath the Surface
TypeCon 2012: Typographic Form & Visual Perception

In todays media, we are so desensitized by the aesthetics of what is being produced that we end up losing the essence and deeper meaning of what's actually being communicated. How can designers make the appearance of a message influence you to make one conclusion over another? This conference will inspire you to dig beneath the surface and explore different techniques of how typography can influence perception and create a deeper layer of meaning. From 2-dimensional ambigrams to the 3-D realm of environmental signage, the theme of this years typographic conference will make you look at typography in a new perspective and find multiple messages within a singular form. Beneath the Surface has the motivational power to ask yourself "how can typographic form communicate or enhance the depth of content in my own work."

John Langdon describes an ambigram as "words that can be read equally well from more than one viewpoint". Today he is an artist and freelance graphic designer. In the early stages of his life, he began as an English major, so he was obviously in love with and meant to work with words. Some of his influences consisted of Edgar Allan Poe and Ogden Nash. While being an English major, he began exposing himself to design through annuals, magazines, and art in general. Some of his art influences consist of Slvador Dali and M.C. Escher. He eventually started as a photo lettering guy at a typography house. The year 1997 was when he launched his freelance defining himself as a logo designer, a type specialist, and a lettering artist. While pursuing this path he taught for about three years at Moore College in 1985. After those three years, he continued his business and soon churned up the book "Wordplay" in 1992. Currently, he has a show starting this month (if not already) at the Type Directors Club gallery in New York featuring a couple of his paintings.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lance: Detail on bumps

Well I began working on the drums. Below are some shots of a detail within the above piece. I think it's very interesting and to my surprise that the green shape does not get affected by the switch in viewpoint.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Type 4: Theme Development

What are we gonna call this thing?
Deciding on a name can always be a tough thing. Whether you are naming your child, your shaggy dog, your favorite pen or your typography conference, finalizing a name that will fit and have meaning is difficult. We began searching for a name thinking about some of the following:
-Hidden depth
-Complex forms
-Thoroughly reading a message
-Interactivity with the user

I really like names that are fun and unique. We began to put things together and finding words that worked well in describing what the theme of the conference was all about and we came up with this:

-Typerceive-through the eyes of the typographer
-Type & Perception
-Perception & Form

I continued looking at these ideas:

-Phormerception (spelling it a different way)
-Physique & Awareness (thinking about it in a different light)
-Typographic Physique
-Typographic Formation
-Typographic Mold
-Type Mold
-Create vs. Manufacture
-Type...put it together
-Type...get it together
-Type...kerning it together
-Forme (def. - a body of type secured in a chase for printing)
-Typelocality (in geology- a place where deposits regarded as defining the characteristics of a particular geological formation or period occur)

Keep in mind, all of these suggestions would have some relation or specific title like "Type Conference: Create vs. Manufacture" or "TypeCon 2010: Form & Perception" which is the one we have chosen to go along with for now.


As a designer, would you pay money to attend this conference? why or why not?
As a designer, I would pay money to attend a type conference as such because I think it would be a helpful source of pushing both type experimentation and ways that better translate meaning and use of communication.

Does the theme invite multiple interpretations and an interesting range of possible talks, workshops, etc?
Yes, I believe this conference holds great potential for people with many interests. Some of those interests would range anywhere from designers & typographers to architects & businessmen. Talks and workshops could spark subjects based around usage, depth, meaning, forms, materials, audiences, etc.

Is the theme suitable for contemporary and forward-looking design practice?
I think the theme reflects opportunity with forward-looking design in relation to discovering sustainable, economic design that enhances its lifespan and usage.

What could improve the theme?
Right now, I think the theme could benefit from more ways and people that are active in pursuing this idea.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Acme Adonis: process

the three color choices I've decided on

working with different outline shapes and styles also with patterns

Working with different containments

I really like the brushed metal and applying my label on some sort of transparency. I was also working with colored brushed metal. I think those can be very interesting avenues...but not sure how I would recreate those...anyway, I like the way I'm headed so far


The Spring Break trip was awesome! Although I came to Kansas City from Colorado, I have to say that I saw things on this trip I have not seen before...and of course seen things I have. Below are just some images (of the many) that were pretty interesting.

This poster totem pole like thing was pretty interesting to see. This is where parties, lost dogs, and cheap jewelry sales are found!

Boulder Outlook was the first hotel we stayed at. It was a pretty cool place. Lot's of color, nice size pool, a hot tub, gym, and huge well...boulder to climb on.

Some interesting type treatment we've got going on...hmmm

This is one of many cool buildings that I saw out there.

This was interesting, but in a different way than the above building. It's windows are pushing out from the building!!


There were long bland hallways to walk down and think with crazy expressive carpet.

Cool room number pieces

Neutrogena sponsored :)

Some paint job

Stylized typography

Gotta love those puns!

and some random trucker transporting what looks to be "horses".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kauffman: Another round of crit

With this recent round of critique my main focus was pushing depth within my piece and emphasizing the push and pull nature of these forms. I was also working with translating the transparent nature from my digital piece to the nature of paint and how I could achieve that look.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Chalkboards

Hey, so I've got some new chalkboards which were put up earlier this week. Every time I do them I get extremely picky and always have to write the words multiple times because the spacing is off or the word isn't big enough. haha