Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Info Arch: Presenation Update

Alright, so today in class I didn't get to present, but I did manage to still get a mini critique! Some things are working which is great, and some things still need to be worked out! I know there is still a whole lot of work I need to do with my gallery. The gallery is my problem area currently. I JUST NEED TO MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL!!! -Easier said than done sometimes, beautiful design takes time and practice. I currently have two different ideas towards the function of the gallery.

Option 1: To have a list basically of images from each artist that would allow the screen to scroll through up and down. With this option, some pairings of work from each artist will have a "talk bubble" and a commentary will be made relating to the relationship between the two pieces.

Option 2: the navigation would allow (when selected) the work to be brought up in a separate overlay gallery format. The overlay would contain two different sides just as in the base of the website, and each side would consist of thumbnails. Each thumbnail would be displayed in a larger format above in a one-image-only space. This would allow for no commentary from anyone, it would just display a caption basically.

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