Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Anchor Blue is a clothing company that resides on the west coast. Something interesting about myself is I use to love this brand. Literally 90% of my clothing was from this place, and I had a lot of it. Although my taste in clothing has grown slightly (plus they closed the store in Colorado due to the economy), I still check out the website to see what they currently are designing. Anyway, they had a logo contest that just recently ended and I submitted three designs which are shown below. They are very mediocre and I do not like them that much now that I sit back and take a look at them. The winner of the contest wins a Wacom Tablet, so I said to myself "Well, the worst that could happen is I don't win, but I have to submit something!" I have not heard anything back yet, but the logos are within an online gallery along with many other logo submissions. Check it out.

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