Thursday, March 11, 2010

Info Arch: Essays: Markup update and building

So last class I finished my markups for my website. (This will be for myself or needed if a programmer were to create this). Below is the beginning of my website building. I think I might have gone about creating this in a difficult way because I began by creating my CSS code and thinking about what I was going to make in my head and referencing my markup. In the end though, I started to get confused a little and wasn't sure what was working and what wasn't partly because I had a couple "classes" and "id's" that had not been used yet within the design. Anyway, I think I might backtrack a little so I can create and place as I build rather than trying to think everything through and then running into problems later. One area I'm having difficulty with is making my text boxes. I created art for background images for my boxes but they are starting to get jumbled within other boxes.

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