Monday, March 29, 2010

Acme Adonis: The latest in Men's Haircare

This has definitely been a very long process on being comfortable with where my design has been heading. In the beginning I ran into some difficulties with my logotype, but in the end, I still feel that the one I have chosen fits. It may not reflect the universal meaning of the word Adonis, but I feel that it reflects an image of a modern day, updated version of an Adonis. Also, I like the natural organic like feel of the type. It has the look and feel of signature that can be very personalized and individual to each guy.

My product line has gone down a very interesting path. From the beginning I wanted to use photography because through my research in the stores, I found that photography was only reflective in hair coloring packaging. The target user I was pursuing is a 24 year old man who is quite busy with school and work, but still has time to "go out on the town" and hang out with friends. He's got a simple, clean, athletic personalized style that's very fashionable and "in the know".

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