Friday, March 26, 2010

Type 4: Final Title, Theme, Designer Bio

Beneath the Surface
TypeCon 2012: Typographic Form & Visual Perception

In todays media, we are so desensitized by the aesthetics of what is being produced that we end up losing the essence and deeper meaning of what's actually being communicated. How can designers make the appearance of a message influence you to make one conclusion over another? This conference will inspire you to dig beneath the surface and explore different techniques of how typography can influence perception and create a deeper layer of meaning. From 2-dimensional ambigrams to the 3-D realm of environmental signage, the theme of this years typographic conference will make you look at typography in a new perspective and find multiple messages within a singular form. Beneath the Surface has the motivational power to ask yourself "how can typographic form communicate or enhance the depth of content in my own work."

John Langdon describes an ambigram as "words that can be read equally well from more than one viewpoint". Today he is an artist and freelance graphic designer. In the early stages of his life, he began as an English major, so he was obviously in love with and meant to work with words. Some of his influences consisted of Edgar Allan Poe and Ogden Nash. While being an English major, he began exposing himself to design through annuals, magazines, and art in general. Some of his art influences consist of Slvador Dali and M.C. Escher. He eventually started as a photo lettering guy at a typography house. The year 1997 was when he launched his freelance defining himself as a logo designer, a type specialist, and a lettering artist. While pursuing this path he taught for about three years at Moore College in 1985. After those three years, he continued his business and soon churned up the book "Wordplay" in 1992. Currently, he has a show starting this month (if not already) at the Type Directors Club gallery in New York featuring a couple of his paintings.

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