Monday, March 8, 2010

Acme Adonis: men's forming

So I've been working with my Acme Adonis logo for a while now and I still seem to be coming up short. I've taken a look at a wide wide range of typefaces to see if I could find anything interesting that suited the brand's character. Something masculine, sophisticated, and stylized. The product is promoting personality and the becoming of an Adonis. Today's critique went pretty well today, and I even got some great feedback from Senior Morgan Allen. It was nice to have some added insight. Some things discussed in crit: I won't have time to recreate my own structure - hair molds for the top, photography is a good route to pursue, take a deeper look into "directions" of applying the product (maybe refer to previous project), push the logo in a more structural direction (reflecting the nature of an Adonis).

my co-worker Bryan Koehler

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