Thursday, March 11, 2010

Typography Conference Brief

Economic Typographic Systems

This typographic convention is focused on typographic solutions that can economically incorporate two, or more, messages into a singular form. Throughout this convention attendees will sit in on keynote presentations given by professionals from the field that discusses different techniques and mediums used to execute this economic task. From the flat two-dimensional graphics of ambigrams, parallelograms, and illusionistic typographic workshops... to lectures on the three-dimensional usability of environmental signage, how light/transparencies affect typography, and the positive applications of type in the field.

These commonalities are trying to ask the simple question of “do we have to print two signs or labels, or can we make one and save money, space, labor, and materials?” This typographic theme is specifically geared towards designers, students, retail businesses, advertisers/marketers, and perhaps the Department of Transportation (for highway signage and directional displays). This convention is truly about solving a real problem in a conservative manner through creating a more sophisticated and efficient solution to help navigation, geographically indoors & outdoors as well as navigation on everyday objects & tasks.

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