Monday, March 29, 2010

Type 4: Activities

After speaking together and discussing possible activities for our conference, Micah and I have come up with more of an outline that the conference will be based around. The scenario is conference goers would begin the conference with a sort of orientation and explanation of the conference outline and will be asked to choose a pair of words that they will then be working with throughout the whole conference. They will use these words through various experiments such as carving type from Styrofoam and creating an visual ambigram of some sort. Attendees will be able to use different media to achieve their task. Through this tactic, attendees will have consistency throughout their workshops and will be able to focus more on the process and experimentation, rather than the content. The conference will be a three day conference that will consist of a final "show & tell" social event on the last day to allow for not only networking, but comparison and idea discovery sharing.

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