Saturday, March 20, 2010

Type 4: Theme Development

What are we gonna call this thing?
Deciding on a name can always be a tough thing. Whether you are naming your child, your shaggy dog, your favorite pen or your typography conference, finalizing a name that will fit and have meaning is difficult. We began searching for a name thinking about some of the following:
-Hidden depth
-Complex forms
-Thoroughly reading a message
-Interactivity with the user

I really like names that are fun and unique. We began to put things together and finding words that worked well in describing what the theme of the conference was all about and we came up with this:

-Typerceive-through the eyes of the typographer
-Type & Perception
-Perception & Form

I continued looking at these ideas:

-Phormerception (spelling it a different way)
-Physique & Awareness (thinking about it in a different light)
-Typographic Physique
-Typographic Formation
-Typographic Mold
-Type Mold
-Create vs. Manufacture
-Type...put it together
-Type...get it together
-Type...kerning it together
-Forme (def. - a body of type secured in a chase for printing)
-Typelocality (in geology- a place where deposits regarded as defining the characteristics of a particular geological formation or period occur)

Keep in mind, all of these suggestions would have some relation or specific title like "Type Conference: Create vs. Manufacture" or "TypeCon 2010: Form & Perception" which is the one we have chosen to go along with for now.


As a designer, would you pay money to attend this conference? why or why not?
As a designer, I would pay money to attend a type conference as such because I think it would be a helpful source of pushing both type experimentation and ways that better translate meaning and use of communication.

Does the theme invite multiple interpretations and an interesting range of possible talks, workshops, etc?
Yes, I believe this conference holds great potential for people with many interests. Some of those interests would range anywhere from designers & typographers to architects & businessmen. Talks and workshops could spark subjects based around usage, depth, meaning, forms, materials, audiences, etc.

Is the theme suitable for contemporary and forward-looking design practice?
I think the theme reflects opportunity with forward-looking design in relation to discovering sustainable, economic design that enhances its lifespan and usage.

What could improve the theme?
Right now, I think the theme could benefit from more ways and people that are active in pursuing this idea.


  1. I like Formulate, Typelocality, and Forme.

    Formulate implies making conclusions on specific problems on experiences. It directly relates to the decision making process and opinion-side to our conference.

    Typelocality is a direct reference to the essence of our conference with its typographic and topographic elements.

    I think Forme is my favorite though, it creates interest, its pretty universal, and it encompasses all the elements. It also directly relates to the element that defines the decision making process of ones' perception = Form & Forme. We might need to add something like "perception in communicating," for a tagline like tyler siad; might me a little esoteric, but I like it a lot.

    I think all thats left i for us to decide on a venue for this conference, a hotel or convention center has the most potential, but I was recently thinking about a more specific venue like an art museum (the nelson) or a newspaper (the Kansas City Star) they have large auditoriums, lobbies, cafeterias, and external rooms and gallery spaces for other events or workshops.

    Let me know what you think.


    I was also thinking some place like a museum as well. They have potential for many other workshops and like you said, large auditoriums, lobbies, gallery spaces and other social areas. I also think the idea of having it at the Kansas City Star is a great idea! I can see it now...haha.

    Do you know if we have to have the conference set in Kansas City? Would be sweet to find some other awesome venue to hold our conference.