Monday, February 28, 2011

SPATIAL: An entirely new kind of architecture

Corbusier was a revolutionary architect. He believed there were five key points to creating the best building that took in to consideration the elements, the world around the building and the structure of the building itself.

We have designed an exhibition that exemplifies his five points, essentially a space that persuades the attendee that Corbusier's 5 points are the ideal when it comes to building design.

The exhibition is in two parts, the physical space and the digital iPad navigator that shows you around the space.

The visitor to the exhibition is greeted at the door by the exhibition title, and a collection of images of Corbusier's buildings abstracted into three colors. These colors form the basis of the exhibition style and are used throughout.

The visitor can pick up an iPad from the welcome desk and is immediately faced with the building design we are using to show in the exhibition. They can manipulate the building with their hands and move around it to see the five points.

The iPad and physical space work together to provide an experience that is both experiential (physical space) and informative (iPad). We felt that rather than just using text on the walls which people might not read, by giving them a tablet to hold and by them having to make the connections, it would be a deeper and richer learning experience.

Corbusier Tom Edited

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PP: My website

I've begun the building of my website through Wordpress. It's still an intense learning progress, but I'm starting to understand what areas modify which part on the site. I discovered that I have to reorganize and create a consistent size throughout the site because the images don't crop, they show the whole image, so I'll need to downsize quit a few of them.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A behind the scenes look at Starbucks Global Development

SPATIAL: Walls + Type + Image

So we decided to create some forms directly from Corbusier architecture.

Overlaying these forms creates an interesting and dynamic alternating EPIC Corbusier building.

As for the images, different variations of color fields was the primary idea, but after integrating some of the forms I created, it allowed for more flexibility to highlight areas of the building.

Tom and I are going to go for something like this bottom rendering of the walls. The blue allows for a nice subtle wall interest with clean simple type that encases our persuasive bits.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DP: Q & Assumptions + Storyboard

-These two communities would never be able to get along if I-35 were taken out.
-The values of Westside residents are heavily influenced by previous generations. (grandfathers and fathers)
-The Westside and the Crossroads are the only communities affected by this project.
-No voice from either community is heard or important.

-How long have you lived in the Crossroads|Westside?
-Do you like living in this neighborhood? Why?
-Do you know about Project Interchange?
-How do you feel about Project Interchange? the possible removal of I-35 from your neighborhood?
-Is there an option you would better prefer? (Option 1, 2 or 3)
-Do you work in the area? Where? Do you think that will change the flow of business?
-Do you feel you have a voice in this matter?
-If there was an open space (removal of I-35) what do you invision taking its place? (Business area | park | garden)
-Would you like to be documented/contacted to voice more of your opinion?


One of my goals is to sort of document each community and find out basically what makes each community, a community. What makes the Westside, Westside, and what makes the Crossroads, the Crossroads? Many things can make up this word “community”, but only the residents and businesses within them can create it. At this point, I am thinking of documenting these communities through video, photography, and various information artifacts.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SPATIAL: Hooray for an extra week!

Corbusier Lance Edited

Tom and I decided to regroup today. We met up and brainstormed some more in hopes of evolving our exhibit to THE NEXT LEVEL! Anyway, we needed to regroup and make sure we were both on the right page.

-The first room is going to house a couple of supports, but we are highlighting the movable facade feature.
-The second room is going to focus on the supports themselves, the pilotis. We are thinking of having three different messages to convey three different benefits within this space.
-The third room is highlighting two points, the free design of the ground plan and the horizontal window.
-The fourth and final room will host the last point, the rooftop garden.

We were also rethinking the whole "no text" approach, and decided that we will need some text of course or else it will seem to abstract. Tom and I would like to incorporate persuasive phrases throughout the space that speaks to the benefits of the points.

Things to do
1. buy solid paper from art store for the floor and complimentary wallpaper, it needs to be stuff we can print on
2. build two chairs - one for the roof garden one for the movable facade
3. use his building plans as shapes to put images in, for line work or as patterns
4. take pictures of iphone and fingers - begin build of sample interface design
5. print a couple more figures

This is our color palette: pale blue for light, big sky and space, a dark brown for earth tone, natural and orange for a sense of freedom and fun.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SPATIAL: PVC pipes make great pilotis

I bought some PVC piping over the weekend. I figured they would make great stable pilotis for our model. Cutting them was definitely an experience.

I sprayed them white and they look perfect next to our "6ft" models.

and finally, just a little more work on our possible identity.

DP: Revised Timeline

What to expect from me in the weeks to come.

-begin storyboarding
-take pictures of possible locations for interviews (depending on who)
-formulate questions/assumptions
-update process book

-Finished Storyboard
-meet at El Dorado Studio if needed
-finalized questions

-have at least one interview done
-update process book
-after effects tutorials

-all interviews done
-Have multiple surveys done via paper/email


-process on interviews-(any last minute ones if needed)
-finding out which parts from which interviews to include in documentary
-Organize & categorize information from all surveys
-begin thinking about artifacts (print)
-update process boook

-All interviews done
-plan of action on artifacts
-updated storyboard

-captured B-Roll for documentary
-work on proposed information pieces
-update process book

FRIDAY 3/11 (you will be notified of work accepted for Spring Show)
-concepts for information pieces
-ample progress from presentations
-process on documentary


-progress on documentary & information pieces
-update process book

-progress on documentary
-progress on information pieces

-process on documentary & information pieces - feedback
-update process book

-process on documentary & information pieces - feedback

-Present video & information pieces
-update process book

-revisions on video & information pieces

-present final video proposal and information pieces
-update process book

-revisions from critique
-start presentation-plan pieces and parts/mock ups

-all pieces done/ basic keynote

-Make Changes to Blurb Book & send out



Saturday, February 12, 2011

RSA Animate: Changing Education Paradigms

This is a sweet video a friend sent me. Not only is the information cool, but there are some cool illustrations throughout. Check it out. You might have to click on it to the youtube page to see the whole thing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's 70 Degrees Underneath Kansas City

This past Saturday (Feb 5th) I helped out a film student with one of his shoots. It involved wearing all black (which I do most of the time already), looking semi tired or dead , and going down under to the caves where the temperature was so naturally warmer than up above. I got some free soda, a water, a couple twinkies and even those oatmeal cream pie thingy's. It was a good time. Anyway, just wanted to share some shots of what it looks like down there.

SPATIAL: Nelson Atkins Audio Experience Extravaganza