Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DP: Q & Assumptions + Storyboard

-These two communities would never be able to get along if I-35 were taken out.
-The values of Westside residents are heavily influenced by previous generations. (grandfathers and fathers)
-The Westside and the Crossroads are the only communities affected by this project.
-No voice from either community is heard or important.

-How long have you lived in the Crossroads|Westside?
-Do you like living in this neighborhood? Why?
-Do you know about Project Interchange?
-How do you feel about Project Interchange? the possible removal of I-35 from your neighborhood?
-Is there an option you would better prefer? (Option 1, 2 or 3)
-Do you work in the area? Where? Do you think that will change the flow of business?
-Do you feel you have a voice in this matter?
-If there was an open space (removal of I-35) what do you invision taking its place? (Business area | park | garden)
-Would you like to be documented/contacted to voice more of your opinion?


One of my goals is to sort of document each community and find out basically what makes each community, a community. What makes the Westside, Westside, and what makes the Crossroads, the Crossroads? Many things can make up this word “community”, but only the residents and businesses within them can create it. At this point, I am thinking of documenting these communities through video, photography, and various information artifacts.

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