Thursday, February 3, 2011



Within the first round of concepting, Tom and I worked separately in trying to devise a unique, interesting, and even persuasive way to exhibit Le Corbusier's five points towards a new architecture essay. As I was analyzing the essay, pictures were popping into my head. They were interpretations and images of what I though the space should look like.
The idea I had was to view the space as a linear narrative. Exhibit goers would enter the Block Space and make their way to section 1 or point 1. I went through the essay and chose out words that I thought best described or strengthened that point, and from these words we would create a space that showcased them. For example, the first room is about the support and had words like support, foundation, equal and flat roof.

So my idea in the first room was to fill it with support columns, all spaced equally with supporting information on the columns or on the walls. There might be different forms that supports might take or even different materials they might take within the room also.

In the second room there would be a suspending garden hanging above the two-floor open space. Sean suggested that I use something clear like Plexiglas to illustrate Corbusier's ideal plant drainage system with the sand.

I would also like to smooth out the corners. The smooth curves throughout the building was something that really appealed to me. This idea of no forced angle upon the resident inside was nice. There was also a suggestion to use these smooth corners as a way of guiding the viewers throughout the exhibit. It's a softer, more friendly edge that says "Hey, now go this way" and not a sharp angle corner supported with the f-bomb.

On the first floor in the 2nd room, vegetation would be everywhere. A nice calming feel with nature.

I also had the idea of personifying and characterizing these five points. Using the same word based list I used in the previous concept, I would use to to develop these "people" who exhibit these characteristics. (Supportive/Good Foundation/Equal or Fair, etc).



Based on some feedback from class on Monday, Tom and I met up and did a little brainstorming together to get our concept for the space down. We decided that instead of the linear based narrative of each point within its own room separated, we decided that we wanted Corbusier's flow freely from one space to the next, all supporting each other.

So for the first point of course are the supports illustrated using the pilotis. In the first space, there are a couple pilotis that will be movable/slide-able really. They will be attached to something (a ceiling or a sheet illustrating a ceiling) and this is going to allow exhibit goers to extend the facade, communicating to them it can change.

These little brown squares of paper are appropriate scale people.

We will have arc shaped movable walls.

One of the rooms in the upstairs is going to house the rooftop garden.

While the other room upstairs (larger room) is going to be where the horizontal windows will be exhibited. We will have some sort of mechanism that will allow the three windows that are preexisting transform into one long horizontal window. We will also illustrate this through different elements of light.

The movable walls also coexist in this space.

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