Sunday, February 6, 2011

SPATIAL: Elevation thinking

Horizontal Wall Installation
This is an example of how the horizontal wall installation might function. The other idea is to have it grow from one end, similar to our piloti/facade idea on the lower floor. There's a standard window size, but if you extend the window horizontally not only would you get a different view, but you would obtain more natural light and more of the outdoors.

Elevation view

Above is an attempt at what this wall's elevation view might look like with the movable wall installation. Below would be examples of other window styles and other structures who exhibit this horizontal window point that Corbusier suggests.


Tom and I discussed the identity some more today. We took a look at my exponents and discussed that although it was a great idea at the time I created it, anything to the 5th power is not 5, so we picked up on another string and followed it to this idea of bits and parts coming together to form this structure. In a way, Corbusier takes all of these parts (walls, pilotis, etc) and because of the way the structure is built, it allows for easy customizable options depending on the function of each room.

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