Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SPATIAL: Hooray for an extra week!

Corbusier Lance Edited

Tom and I decided to regroup today. We met up and brainstormed some more in hopes of evolving our exhibit to THE NEXT LEVEL! Anyway, we needed to regroup and make sure we were both on the right page.

-The first room is going to house a couple of supports, but we are highlighting the movable facade feature.
-The second room is going to focus on the supports themselves, the pilotis. We are thinking of having three different messages to convey three different benefits within this space.
-The third room is highlighting two points, the free design of the ground plan and the horizontal window.
-The fourth and final room will host the last point, the rooftop garden.

We were also rethinking the whole "no text" approach, and decided that we will need some text of course or else it will seem to abstract. Tom and I would like to incorporate persuasive phrases throughout the space that speaks to the benefits of the points.

Things to do
1. buy solid paper from art store for the floor and complimentary wallpaper, it needs to be stuff we can print on
2. build two chairs - one for the roof garden one for the movable facade
3. use his building plans as shapes to put images in, for line work or as patterns
4. take pictures of iphone and fingers - begin build of sample interface design
5. print a couple more figures

This is our color palette: pale blue for light, big sky and space, a dark brown for earth tone, natural and orange for a sense of freedom and fun.

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