Monday, March 1, 2010


The Target

My target for my product line is someone who is active, on the go, constantly moving, busy man, etc. They range from young college students to active surfer and snowboarders to bands and well dressed business men. They enjoy self expression through art and photography, and keep themselves in shape by eating healthy and again staying active.

The Comparable

I organized my comparable examples based upon the use of color. I think color expression gives a certain look and feel to the product and I want to see the range of some of the brands out there. The left side consists of primarily black packaging and slowly progressing through brown and gray to reach the right side full of color. There are some out there that are sophisticated which is an area I would like to show as well as masculine and I think the browns and blacks are what insinuates that feel.

The Inspiration

The inspiration board begins with color palette ideas on the left. I'm wanting something that is masculine and durable reflecting the strength of the hold. On the board are also some interesting ideas as far as incorporating and displaying the hair and hair types.

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