Thursday, August 27, 2009


Brazilian Nights: The Music of Jobim
My inspiration consists of a fairly warm color palette. I'm currently still debating whether or not I would like to use "neon" colors reflecting Brazil, but my assumption is that I will try deep/rich colors. Yes, the bright colors implicate the Brazilian color palette a little better; however, I would like to propose something that is more "ballroom", sophisticated, mature, respectful, adult and soul-like.

When listening to the 3 featured artists music seperately, I came up with the music being light, upbeat, soft, latin jazz, and a little soul deepness from Harry Allen and his sax. In most of the selected examples above, I really liked the movement within each of them. They have a very organic flow to them which I think represents the soul of jazz. The fact that a lot of these artists improv quite often and really work from each other. I also have an idea to incorporate some fabric or thread-like somewhere. I think it will play well with the raw, artistic, Brazilian feel.

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