Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VA: Degree Project Thinking

Last week, we seniors were asked to come up with three different areas of focus we would like to explore for our senior degree project. I found this quite difficult. I first began with writing a list of things I liked about design. I enjoy the simple nature of color, and the emotions and effects they can have on people. I like hand generated typography because it is always unique and different. I like to think I like people, meeting them, talking to them, listening to them, seeing them, and bringing them together. Happy people are always nice too. Nature seems to always intrigue me, and I look to it often for inspiration. The process of bio-mimicry and the realization that all design in nature has a use as well as a beauty is stuck in my head. I like the organic characteristic of nature that again reflects the uniqueness that nature has. I am also a fan of recycled design. I like things that find a second use in the same form and things that break down and completely transform into some- thing different. I am a firm supporter for finding different uses for pretty much anything. For me, transferring from a highly illustrative driven design curriculum has led me into a continued inter- est in using illustration within my design whenever possible. I like sketching, painting, cut paper, letterpress and screen printing (although I haven’t done much of the last two), anything hands on and physical really. Web scares me a little. I like motion graphics, primarily in the form of stop motion work. I think it’s the jumpy nature that appeals to me and giving something that naturally has no life, some excitement.

The three areas of interest I proposed were
1. Ethnicity issues dealing with culture, loss of culture in areas, and globalization
2. Advocating for a healthy weight and a healthy life - targeting the obesity issue
3. Recycled design, sustainability, and re purposeful design

1. With Culture and Globalization I starting thinking about traditions. There are new traditions that are being formed, and old traditions that are being lost. Some areas around the world are dealing with a loss of culture and an increase in the corporate company world. There are needs and wants from both the people and the company.

2. THE WAIT FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT. It's about thinking. It's all in your head. Subconsciously you're bored, so you eat. There are habits, life choices, simple changes, and factors that all could be addressed with this direction.

3. In my process for thinking about recycled design and sustainability, I know I have to choose something that is new, different, and yes...innovative. Lots of advancements have been made dealing with these issues, and I need to find a different aspect of it. There are good and bad uses for it, different materials (wood, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, etc).

In today's discussion with Chris, he gave me some things to think about. Well, first we decided that I had the most passion for the recycled design and sustainability direction...and I agree. We discussed efforts that are already out there, and discussed some questions I should think about for next class. The idea that there is no waste, no impact, or at least less impact, on the earth and in the city. The thinking, which came from Boulder, CO that there is no trash. Everything is either recycled or composted. I need to expose myself to what's out there, and what has been done in order to think about other ways to think about this subject. I need to keep in mind that graphic design is about system oriented thinking, not necessarily arts & crafts and creating a sketchbook from an old cereal box. What are the top 5 things that take up the most space in our landfills? What do we waste the most of?

And in relation to Mo's Degree Project....this is my stress level! WOO!

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