Tuesday, May 4, 2010

User Exp: Final Poetic Wayfinding Experience

To recap, the problem was to create a may from the graphic design building to each of the shuttlecocks located on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The final form I created is a two-piece artifact. The first is a water bottle conveniently hung on a carabiner and the second is an envelope with a pair of scissors and an instructional card. The card will not only guide the user to all three shuttle cocks at the Nelson, but also provide instructions for creating their own shuttlecock, which all happens on the walk there. That is the poetic part. The user is asked to make small stops and perform a task which will make the user more involved. I included a couple images of the bottle that I created using cut paper, illustrating some directions. The bottle directions are also color coded in orange and the cut paper alludes to the action of cutting the bottle. Throughout the directions I use very descriptive words that little helpers in monitoring the user on their walk. I also reference other things along the way such as the Kansas City Art Institute. I'm pretty excited to user test this again! If we do...

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