Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Between

So I began with the first 3 attempts below, not really sure what to do with they poems. Do I display the words literally? Do I use them once? Do I put them in order? Do I use the whole page? All these questions and more came about when starting this project.

After meeting with Kidwell for a bit....needless to say, some things were cleared up. I THINK. When I reviewed what I had after meeting with Kidwell, I discovered that I liked having one dominant word/object(3) and one that repeats(or is the expressive part[4]). I think I'm going to stick with the title of the poem displaying in Frutiger family, and the main poem text in standard Garamond. After thinking about short poems and long poems, I would like to keep the consistency between them all, so one expressive item will work. A white hunter doesn't have much beef whereas Rooms or Dinner has a little more turkey to work with.

It is very graphic and simplistic. I'm going to explore the expressive area a little more to see what I can come up with since the simplistic look really doesn't flow with Gertrude Steins amazing random poetry.

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