Monday, September 14, 2009


Ok, so I went back to the drawing board, as my ideas were not strong enough. I felt like there was not enough beef in the sandwich. I also think I was trying too much to incorporate the 3 artists instead of focusing on Trio Da Paz, which is the group the press release highlighted as the main event.

I went back and did more and more research. (Reading through the reviews again, seeing if there could be potential in another quote; listening to their music a lot more, feeling the vibe; researching Rio De Janeiro (their hometown) and stumbling upon the Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car ride. The press release stated, "collectively they will take us on a JOURNEY celebrating the sublime and infectious spirit of Brazilian music". From this press release quote, I picked up the term journey which is an act of traveling from one place to another, then on to terms like expedition, tour, travel. Then that lead me to transportation; basically what one would use to do the act of journey or travel.

The Sugarloaf Mountain Cable car rides from 2 mountains through 3 stops and a total of 4 cars running from one to another. So, below I illustrated with coffee and watercolor the cable car in motion leaving from one of the mountains.
After thinking a little more, I decided to transform the shape of the cable car into a music note, as the cable lines to me resembled the lines on a music sheet. I think the illustration is a visual metaphor for the music notes/brazilian music, but also synecdoche whereas it is representing the whole city of Rio De Janeiro.

I went to find more inspiration. I noticed that the diamond shape repeated in one of the fashion shows. With help from Micah, I went to research and discovered these vintage travel posters. Once again, I was back to the organic feel that I had originally liked, and also the warm tones. Also, there are some images from the Sugarloaf cable car. (Interesting fact: they are considered the safest cable car ride because they have not had any deaths/serious injuries from any of the millions of casualties that have experienced it. The background is a diagonal form pattern which is reinforcing the diagonal located on the Brazil Flag. I might have to elongate the form a little more; therefore it won't be completely square.

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