Friday, January 29, 2010


Below are some examples I found online designed by Mike Wirth and also a couple from GOOD. I thought these were great artifacts that have multiple depths of understanding each content. My favorite would have to be Flight Delays. I really liked how they used the well known "window from the window seat" shade as the measurement tool for displaying the city with the highest flight delays.

I think Flight Delays is an example of a representational diagram since it takes the form of airplane window seats.

Just another infograph.

Above is an example of a timeline based around the history of transportation.

I think The top 8 of 2008 CEO compensation is similar to a bar chart. It has similar form, but I guess it does reference a line chart I'm not sure.

Some examples of pie charts.

I thought the one on the right was an interesting, very typographical way of displaying all the facts.

The image on the right is a series of coins designed to show the ratio of currency related to different countries.

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