Friday, January 29, 2010

These are some of the examples I picked up to place on the typography wall. I thought they were great examples of both expressive and trendy typography that is out there today.

This white artifact is from Starbucks. There is no ink involved in the front of this gift card holder, it is however an embossed surface which displays the typography for the viewer.


I found quite a bit of type treatments where the letterforms were created by other objects. Here is made up of flourishes. I also found type created from doves and dollar signs.

This type treatment of southern comfort was an approach that I saw in many pieces...even album covers. Some of those album covers are displayed below.

This set of album covers had a small trend where letterforms had a slant to a letter. The first 3 album covers have a slanted "A" whereas Metro Station has a slanted "M".

The trend between these six album cover is pretty self explanatory. (letter forms are built from multiple lines)

Finally, these were just some other great examples I thought that would display what trends or looks were being executed through the music industry.

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