Monday, February 1, 2010

Type focus

So when I began thinking what it was about typography intrigued me the most, I came across a wide variety of things. I first started with reflecting about work I have previously done. I noticed that I tend to create blocks of type and use type in a subtractive-like manner.

Exhibit A

I heard an interesting approach to subtractive typography today in class when Tyler spoke about an artist who cleans a message out of dirty environments. Some other areas I started to think about were
  1. type in objects
  2. type in the environment
  3. type on different surfaces and interacting with surfaces
  4. hidden messages
  5. messages within a form
  6. ambigrams
After discussing some of the areas during class, I decided to pursue the avenue of ambigrams. My in class response consisted of the following image. It's an ambigram that reads "hi".

I am still unsure what I am think of doing with ambigrams because I am not sure if I should try and create ambigrams between two letter forms and just have 13 forms that make up the alphabet, or if I should have just different ambigrams or words. I just realized that creating a form with 2 letters when combined...could say one thing one way correctly, and be a complete mess when rotated.

I spoke a little with Mo and Micah. After speaking with Micah for a bit I think the goal and what I'm trying to say is creating multiple messages from one form. Ambigrams have two messages in them, and I wonder if I could create a form that reads from all four angles. (90 degree rotations instead of 180 degree rotation)????? It's something I'm definitely going to try! Maybe it says the same thing, maybe they all say something different, or maybe it tells a narrative! Just some thoughts on the possibilities... After speaking with Mo, she steered me in the 3rd dimension. What if I create a larger impact of the viewer and create a physical object? A form, an ambigram, that is 3 dimensional? As Mo would said... "SICK!"

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