Wednesday, February 3, 2010

UE: Changing A Tire Inner Tube

Project 1: The Practical

The Problem: Assist a novice in completing a relatively simple mechanical task - removing and installing a bicycle tire inner tube.

After seeing some of the examples in class, I knew I wanted to explore a different format other than a poster of some sort. No posters that fold into the size of your palm. My initial thoughts were to create something visually pleasing, practical, and multiple page artifact. It is important that this artifact is useful and user friendly with no difficulties or confusion. I tried thinking a little about the situation from the users perspective. Where would the user have to change this inner tire tube? Would the user be a bike fanatic? Does the user have any prior knowledge?

I think some hand rendered annotations are going to be used throughout this practical experience! Not sure about the form just yet though.

Our "secret ingredient" is going to be the closure for our artifact.

The layout is actually going to fold out landscape and to the right, instead of landscape opening down like it is shown here. We'd like to create some humor within the piece still probably through the copy. Creating a small narrative for the user, thinking along the lines of our "GOOD DESIGN IS FOR EVERYONE" project and the half title page.

I'm not sure at all how I'm going to figure out the process to create this loops on the cover, but the idea is for one side to be on the front cover and the other loop to be attached to the back cover and when held together with our "secret ingredient" it is closed. So more to come!

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