Monday, February 8, 2010

MORE type

image used without permission for school purposes by

This was an interesting find. Involving user interaction, the gray boxes complete the name of the not so clear name above....but it completes the name both to the left side and the right side. Click image for interaction and more in depth description.

image used without permission for school purposes by

Figure! Another great interesting find. Again, click the image for the final animated artifact. I wonder if I could recreate the effect somehow.

After my desk crit today, quite a bit was cleared up. Through some of my exploration over the weekend, I found myself relating to other students directions...and began to wonder if I was getting off track or still on a good track. Thanks to a fellow blogger nagfa, I did some further research and found a little inspiration on his blog. From the research, I discovered the many forms an ambigram can actually become. (rotational, mirror image, space-filling, and more) I am deciding to choose a word or small phrase to experiment in different mediums and in the different forms of ambigrams. As of right now, I want something that describes me in some way as well as the term ambigram. After speaking with Micah, he accompanied me in discovering the word diversity or diverse. I haven't really decided...any comments or suggestions on the word...

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