Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The final artifact! Anyone who has this accordion fold out landscape booklet will be able to change a tire!

This was definitely a great project! After seeing the massive text heavy instructions on how to put together a barbecue grill...we as a group appealed to design with minimal text. To aid the user, we used small simple directions (unfold completely, begin here) and color to help distinguish the steps from each other. Another element that is different from the last critique is the fusion of photography and illustrative images. we decided to bring that element in because not only were some images awkwardly arm chopped, but also to add to this rugged, dirty hands on type of action.

I found that designing directions CAN be tough at times, and not everything is simple to explain. For example, one of the tough areas to explain was placing half of the tire back onto the rim after they have replaced the tube. Showing that wasn't as clear either, but I think our final results are more clear than the first round of users. We also included a diagram to help the user understand some of the parts they were going to be working with. I think that part was successful with our format. The user is able to pull it out and have is side by side throughout the process for quick reference. Below are some highlights of the book.

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