Sunday, February 14, 2010


Legible Ambigram from Lance Flores on Vimeo.

Alright, so first I attempted to try and work with the digital file a little more. I wanted to show a couple of the ambigram forms within a flash movie. You will see rotational and space filling I would like to see how many I can get within a mini movie, but flash takes time...and lots of it! ambigram types within this flash.

Below was a different story. I began working with tangible things. I first began with some extra chain...but didn't have enough, so I instead thought I would try and capture bits of the ambigram and piece them together, but even that (with the cursive nature) was a little difficult. Next I jumped to brown board. I started with an initial traced sketch and thought to myself...ok, how can I make this more interesting. Well, who says you can't "feel" an ambigram. haha. Well, I created this "fur-like" texture on the board and this one was really fun to work a way it was very sculpture-like to me...shaping and carving the letters out. From there, I jumped to a little bit of rope. I'm not too happy with the success of this one. The letter forms were very difficult to create with one continuous string, so some letter are outlined, while others are just single lined. Last on the list is my cutout version. It is still in the making and I would like to do a larger version, and try some of the other students methods...such as light and shadow!

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