Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project Brief


natural order wellness (now), a long-time oem and supplier of ingredients for natural wellness, health and beauty products is entering a cooperative venture with several investors to develop and market products of its own. potential products include fortified water, soda/cola, vitamins, diet supplements, household cleaners,
beauty or other personal care items marketed under the brand name acme.

this new product line will leverage now’s competency in producing products of unparalleled quality and effectiveness while containing natural ingredients. the new acme products will also continue their interest earth-friendly production.

although now’s ultimate goal is to offer its products through a worldwide network of company-owned stores, initially, the products will be sold through select retailers, specialty shops, and the internet via a company web store and will require a printbased
advertising campaign.

Initial Observations
Hair styles have been different throughout the years, and there seems to be trends that speak to different eras. Nowadays, I think hair can definitely reflects a persons personality and people seem to be making it a point to "fix it up" or "get it did". Men's hair styles I think have been specifically changing throughout the years. (from mohawks to fohawks to crew cuts and gweedo spikes [forgive the spelling]) However, there still are those that just wake up out of bed and head to their destination.

Target User
My target user is going to be men ages (20-40) who not only already take care of their hair, but also new prospective users who might want to make themselves more presentable starting with their hair. (maybe newly single or just a new start/look) Primarily these users will have a small amount of extra spending monthly.

Proposed Strategies
I would like to provide this product to many small shops and barbers. I think that there is both a possible market for both the regular joe who goes to a barber for a regular haircut to interest future users, but also men who go to a small shop that is more personable. As far as packaging goes, I would like to possibly incorporate humor within it somehow. Through a tiny bit of research, I found that a key thing within natural hair care is that one must make sure they find something for their hair type, and I think possibilities are within that area to pursue humor or just other interesting, different tactics.

Product Line
My product line consists of hair care products for men, primarily a maintaining type product such as gel, hairspray, mousse, putty, etc.) Products in store currently are not 100% natural and they are very difficult to come by (in relation to being 100% natural). Such products still contain certain synthetic ingredients to help in areas such as preservation and better foaming. However, the product line will contain many organic, earth friendly ingredients. The ingredients are basic, simple, and not complex with chemicals.

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