Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Directions from first crit. The direction suggested to pursue was Direction 1.

Direction 1

Direction 2

Direction 3

With all of the above directions, it lacked concept and depth. Concept and depth within a design is something I constantly struggle with. For some odd reason, I begin a design with one idea based off the content...and somehow just go on a design tangent and just start making stuff. The end result, if anything, just looks visually pleasing; however, there's no depth or reasoning on why I made the decisions I made. Below is my push on Direction 1.

Alright, so I struggled with this design also. I struggled with making decisions, color choices the reflect modern and postmodernism, and type treatments. Once again, one of the main points I need to keep working out is the concept. There is no reflection or influence from their works within the design...depth and reasoning!! Darker colors and differentiation within the palette needs to happen. I need to keep one main containment for the essay and work with type and scale changes. LOOK AT MORE WEBSITES!!!!!!!!!

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