Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DESIGNSYS: Another push

I worked on color variations and also just overall logo compositions.

So I spoke with Kidwell earlier today, and not only was I just not feeling the excitement from what I had, he wasn't really either. I brought up a couple of extra names I came up with, and we both think there's more potential in these. The first name is Travelair. It is obviously my previous name just rearranged, but it also alludes and references calling someone a "traveler". It's like a fancy name or a name you call someone after riding this companies flight. I tried out two different typefaces for the main logotype with a little more exploration in my signature. I am also still trying to figure out what that signature is. The signatures I have so far are:

High Comfort.
A True Nostalgic Adventure.
A Plane Nostalgic Adventure.
No Plane Adventure.

I also finally decided to bring in a propeller to hint at the type of air traveling adventurers would be traveling in.

And I began working with some pattern work. For obvious reasons I think the ones with color are more rich.

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