Sunday, September 19, 2010

ROSEDALE: Do you know where you live?

Do you know where you live? Its a simple question, really, but there are residents within Rosedale that wouldn’t be able to give you the answer.
This street banner represents Rosedale in the past. This is one of the few markers in Rosedale that lets us know we are in fact in Rosedale. When you get closer to the banner you realize that it was actually handmade, which is evidence a caring community that has been lost.
This is rosedale today. THis sign for the park doesn’t express Rosedales true philosophy. It is weathered, worn down, and uncared for.
This is Rosedale in the future. This marker within Rosedale is a collaborative mural effort. it is located on a very busy road in which a lot of commuters see, and it is evidence of a progressive movement towards a new sense of community pride.
Who are How can graphic design help give Rosedale distinct boundaries and a greater sense of community pride? When a new resident moves into Rosedale, they usually have no idea that they are going be living there. Not knowing the town, in which you reside, automatically cancels out any opportunity for a sense of community pride.
So...who are we going to be targeting?
Renters and Schoolchildren are our main focus.
Renters make up 60% of Rosedales population. This includes students that are attending surrounding schools, as well as low income renters who cannot purchase a home.
Schoolchildren are a huge part of Rosedale, and they are the future. We want to make a sustaining impact on the sense of community pride within Rosedale through these children.
This is the idea receptivity gradient, in which we have placed our audience figures. It helps us visualize our audiences current position on Community pride within Rosedale. Our renters are primarily the ones that are not ready to know about Rosedale. They are considered nomadic, and usually only stay in Rosedale for about 4 years. There education seems to be the priority, and more of a focus in comparison to the surrounding community of Rosedale. The schoolchildren are already familiar with Rosedale, but we want to instill the sense of community pride in them.This way they can be advocates for the cause in the future, and share Rosedale with others. This also provides a way of sustaining Rosedales vision for years to come.
We envision the name of Rosedale holding meaning & relevance to not only the current members of its community, but also with other commuters.
The effectiveness of our work will be measured.
So we hope that when we ask you this question again later ... you will be able to answer.

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