Thursday, January 27, 2011

DP: A beginning

Currently, my process book for my degree project is 8"x10", vertical. When my process book is finished at the end of this 13 week period, I plan to use to produce it. The layout right now allows for personal comments and thoughts in the small caption area, a nice wide body paragraph allowing for deep explanation of the project and critiques (set in Futura, a font appropriate for technological subject matters), a header (set in Trade Gothic), a subhead (set in Orator - a nice "techy" contrast font, and spot for the date, some folios, and a grid structure for any accompanying photos.

Experiments and Solutions

I would really like to fine tune my skill set in the area of motion. I am entertaining the idea of learning/working with After Effects to create a piece that highlights the functionality of the technology.

I want to create some sweet informational posters and possibly infographics. Seeming as how this project has the potential to be very technical due to the subject matter, I think some nice organized beautiful informational posters would be great, even as a quick reference.

Maybe I could create an identity for a company/person/blog/website/online community that allows people to share and collaborate their innovative solutions. These solutions could be a different use for a type of technology or just a new innovative design that impacts people.

In three words, describe technology.
How much of your life is filled with technology?
Do you think some of these areas/technological artifacts could be improved?

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