Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Application to Barkley

This past Friday (FEB 25th) I decided to apply to Barkley. I've been thinking a lot lately about post graduation plans, and I need to start actively applying. I ended up applying for both the mentorship this summer as well a job, so we'll see what happens. Wish me luck!

This was my submission to Barkley for their "design for a cause assignment" which was extra to the resume and portfolio submission. I decided I liked my unity solution for the poster clash that I decided to use in for the campaign advocating community. COMMUNITY is a campaign of simply that, community. Belong- ing to a community can be somewhat of an easy task, whether it’s geography based or by common interests, but it takes you as an individual to embrace that community and take action. The idea behind this campaign is that it would encourage indi- viduals to be active in their community, both the ones they live in and the ones they are involved with. Through this action, the community can progress together as one.

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