Sunday, March 6, 2011

SPATIAL: Monument Sketches

When I began brainstorming my monument toward space and the universe, I didn't want things that were too representative of space. I also mainly tried to think of functional, interactive monuments, ones people would be able to interact with first hand.

This first idea is something rather experiential to the viewer. Ideally, the viewer would be able to walk underneath it and interact with it. Once underneath, this cone shaped monument would allow the viewer to look up and find a distinctive point of reference in the sky. This idea is create a sense of depth and distance, a never ending illusion. It would be possible too, that things were to be poking out and intruding the space inside to further provide a sense of distance. The shape is a cone shape referencing a space shuttle or even a telescope. I also thought about how it would look at night, so I figured there could be some orchestration of lights within the outside or inside.

This second monument idea is a visual reference to the shape of a crater. The thought is that the inside of this shape would be able to house an exhibition relating to space and exploration, possibly even something that changes over a couple times of the year. I see this being shaped within the earth, yet somehow preventing a flood in the crater, possibly some illusion to the shape rather than literal one. Also, the windows within this space could be a way of interaction, maybe both inside and outside. (can't see through them) Or I can see them being available for a 360 degree view.

The third idea is also a space in which the viewer would be able to "walk into". The overall shape is a circle, a reference to the never ending universe we live in. The shape could also represent UFOs, a planet or planet ring, orbiting. The inside of the space I view as housing possibly informational relating things, maybe engravings of constellations or planet symbols. I also see the inside being an augmented reality experience somehow.

This last idea is a large scale monument representing the idea of orbiting around the sun. I see this monument being outdoors and in relation to the space, there would be nothing surrounding it, therefore in relation to the world it is small. The universe currently has no end, so placing it outdoors around nothing could be interesting to explain that the solar system we live in is just a small portion of the universe.

Some things to think about:
Maze - crop circle - adventure
smell & sound
The Planets - Gustav Holst
?Raiders of the last arch
Holes for different reveals - interaction with the sun

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