Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outer Space: The Unknown

Standing 42ft high to represent the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything (as said in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), this monument is dedicated to the exploration and unknown nature of space. The basic form of this monument is a cone shape with the smaller end mounted to the ground, while the wider area is open up to the sky. This basic shape is to provide a sense of depth and dimension, much like the vast infinite space of the universe.The cone shape is made from copper and is mounted up on a slight higher ground. The material of the copper was chosen to (over time) reflect the historic aspect and reflect the idea that over millions of years, the universe has changed, much like the copper will over a period of time.

As for the senses, viewers are able to SEE not only the outside structure, but they are able to actually walk inside and take a gander up the monument to see if anything passes through their sight. If something is lit, the inside copper texture has a reflective quality which will create a very engaging visual. This reflective nature of the inside could be referenced from the reflective nature of the moon and how it is "lit up" by the reflection from the sun. Once the viewer walks inside/ near the inside they will HEAR music that will enrich the experience. Gustav Holst provides a classical sound to this inside of this monument that is adventurous, nostalgic and even a little ambiguous sounding. The monument is lined on each side with rivets, which is a great detail TOUCH point. The hammered copper and turquoise transformation it takes on also allows for an interesting texture that viewers will surely touch. Another touch point is the ground. Surrounding the monument is a black "space rock" that will just add another experience for the viewer...walking on black rock. It even highlights the monument more with the black background. I envision this rock having a distinct sort of smell, something that can't be explained or unknown, unfamiliar scent.

Monument SPACE Poetic Final

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