Thursday, March 24, 2011

DP: Tutorials

So for the past couple of weeks I have been going through some online tutorials with After Effects and even some in iMovie. Thanks to the library here at KCAI, I was able to obtain a 2 week license, which has become extremely beneficial in learning more about these programs. This video below is a sample of what I was working with. The video I have taken with the small HD Flip camera has not really interested me as far as the "look" I'm going for. It was a little jumpy for my taste. From this evaluation, I was then directed to try and create a movie based on some of the photography I have taken so far also. Using the Ken Burns Effect to create some visual interest, I have attempted at a video clip, which is the one below.

Based on feedback that was given to me earlier today, I am going to work towards illustrating 1 storyline through 2 different view points. I'm still unaware on how this will work, but seems like a plausible way to approach the next step in my process. I also need to revisit my time line for this project, as most of my deadlines have been altered due to scheduling issues with the El Dorado Architect Studio and the cold horrible weather. Till next time, this is what I have going on with my Senior Degree Project.

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