Saturday, November 7, 2009


I really like your dog concept. It was very interesting how you made the dog the message. Also, you might want to think about things dogs do...such as fetching. What if somehow (this could get complicated maybe) the owner is the sender and the dog is the receiver, and the dog is retrieving the object (message). Along the way, the dog can get distracted or interrupted by another dog, fire hydrant, etc. Just a thought.
I would definitely like to see some of the ways you are planning on annotating these also. This could be fun with the little pop outs and such. I also really like the simplicity of yours. Its simple, easy to learn and understand the concept of Communication Theory.

I like that you're looking past the first layer of communication theory. That you're exploring other options and factors such as lighting etc. Some clearer examples of what you are wanting to do would help us understand your thinking a little more. I think with the range of factors that you do have, there's plenty to work out a great concept.
With your last model, that has huge potential for a brochure approach. I noticed that the text seems almost in column form; therefore, you can use it to your advantage and have each column be a different reveal. And when those are revealed, the annotations for that reveal would be on the right side of the brochure, which would make all the annotations of the back of the brochure and the actual model on the inside. (both sides would be great as posters for said audience designers wall)

I feel that you had some great concepts. I like the idea of the growth one, and how users can select their own path in building the info graphic. The other two concepts were pretty similar, but different approaches, and in all actuality...just the stronger of the 3. I really like the stop motion! It's humorous and visually pleasing, but like everyone has already said it's not as interactive with the viewer. The illustrations have great potential for making your piece that much more of a refined graphic design artifact. (They play well) I'm not sure if you are thinking about using color, but I think color (very subtle usage) could be nice as highlighting special things. (annotations, etc.).

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