Monday, November 16, 2009

VISLANG: 11.16 Progress

Today's critique went really well. There's was good work, and many great comments/ideas flowing around. I began the crit and here are some things noted:
-have a contents page...or in the location of where contents usually is have a description of the specific persona. Characteristics, what this person might sound like, how will you be able to pin point them
-on the back page, maybe, have a small description of how to stop "the know it all" or how to speak with someone who has these characteristics
-possible external package-a separate form or same thing that is laid out for the viewer discover and grab which one is needed
-Research better title names - "The Know It All" is the easiest to pick up on compared to the following three
-try iconic forms on the cover - I've tried the sketchy direction - what other styles can I explore
-there's good facial emotion coming through the last 3 covers - depicting and communication, but not as successful with "The Know It All"
-A screen print or vector style was suggested
-setup a context or an explanation to clarify who's getting the book - you wouldn't give "The Know It All" book to someone who communicates like them - the person speaking TO "The Know It All" is the holder of this book

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