Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The last time we looked at my sketches, I got some feedback on the different structures, and was luckily pushed in one of my favorite directions...the use of the bowling lane and it's panel feature.

The first exploration deals with keeping the plane the same throughout the whole interaction, and when selections are made...board pieces will remove themselves (which takes out other options). From there, the viewer can then view their choices in a nice, open, almost full-screen area.
This concept is a little different as far as perspective. The one is from the perception of right before the pins hit...so basically a close up of where the pins are housed. (you can kind of see the gutters on the sides, but then there's the lane number and the circles/dots that signify which "ball roll" you are on) Selections will be made on the bottom bar and displayed in the empty area "stage"

With this piece I wanted to work with the angles a bit, and explore the aesthetics and composition. This has a little bit or Ricks suggestion on using a small corner, that way the viewer is able to see the movie a little more clear.
This concept explores the idea of dividing the panels up into two different sides. Each side would contain either music/sound or movie clips. The method of attacking this would be either making half of the side a different color, colored and non-colored, or color (sepia) and black & white.

This concept is a little similar to the above one; however, instead of color differentiating the sides of movie/sound, I would like to just display them using some sort of icon...for now, numbers are place holders.

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