Monday, November 2, 2009


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  1. I think this post card is a very clear commentary, and simultaneously a good evolution of our visual conversation.

    I read below that you weren't sure if you achieved 'system' but perhaps it is because I might hve jumped into the 'systems' level a little prematurely. However, I think that you may have acheived a community/cultural level.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think that showing the Starbucks logo is smart visual choice to drive home the community/cultural idea. Starbucks is a community and a culture (regardless of how you feel about it, though judging by your depiction, we're on the same page haha)

    I like how you're treatment of the cups is akin to how I tried to treat the symbols, extending beyond the frame of reference to imply unlimited continuation. The shallow depth of field creates a good sense of space, and the increasing blurriness of the repeating cups says "and on and on and on"

    The type also gives a very direct voice to what we have been saying. It sortve solidifies what we are saying, and then the starbucks thing sortve takes the area of what we should be interpreting to the next level. I think we doing a good job of riffing off of one another. This card does a good job of demonstrating the layering and thought-collaborating, leading to a different, but unified idea.