Friday, November 13, 2009


So I began to interview and ask some of the other students about their postcard conversations. I originally began with just the classmates in my group (The Paper Plates), and received data from that was only a little helpful. Some of the characteristics of possible persona's consist of the following.

Rick's conversation: Dark/creepy/negative/dry humor/schizophrenic
Carly's conversation: Confused
Dustin's conversation: Observant/purposeful/simple/meticulous/perfectionist/effective

I wanted a broader range to still see what kind of persona's I could come across and possibly move further with, so I decided to interview a couple other students and their persona's I came across are below...based upon their responses.

Tammy's conversation: Confused
Jessica's conversation: Know it all
Dmitri's conversation: Unpleasant
Jonathan's conversation: Frustrating/upset/annoyed
Micah's conversation: Snowball effect
Mo's conversation: Basic/generic

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  1. So, what can you "make" from these interviews? To start, use the one word descriptors in the persona development.