Sunday, November 8, 2009

Progress: Communication Theory

So I began researching the Dick and Jane stories. They seemed to be simple in the early years of the books, and as they years went by they progressed into very elaborate and even multiracial. After thinking about these stories I find that I like the simplicity or the statements, but not the dialogue style. I think it might become difficult if I use characters to narrate my thinking.

After that I found some other styles/look and feel I would like to portray. What I liked about these works is the simplicity and boldness of the type and imagery. I would like to possibly try the rendering style of the violet image below also. Something a little more free flowing and stylistic. I would like to do monochromatic with that route also because it will give me more flexibility with creating multiple books. With the multiple books, I would like to display them using different persona's. This one is "the basics" and I would like to have a couple others. ( "the shy kid"/ "the housewife"/ "the business man"/ "the gossip girl"/ "the jock")

After going through with this book I asked around for some input. After a couple comments, one very important one was discovered! MY ANNOTATIONS! Below will be a couple of options of how I will display my annotations. They are currently not in my mini mock up. Also, below are more color options for the multiple books.

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