Sunday, November 22, 2009

TYPE3: Leave Behind

Self promotional piece by Undoboy

Above is some visual inspiration as far as an idea for my leave behind. I thought about different aspects of my life and how they would look (designer, barista, pacific islander, bowler, brother, uncle, etc) After speaking with Dmitri, he had given me the idea to use type instead of images/illustration, so I went with that aspect, as I think there was more opportunity to create different messages. For the first round of iterations I decided to use one of the messages on my resume since it does have an interchanging factor about it. So the idea is these boxes would be able to mix and match with each of the different sides. I think a different typographical approach for each side would be great, therefore the viewer will not lose interest quickly. I also think the square nature of it compliments the square shape of my logo.

My thinking is the top box will house a USB(jump) drive with the portfolio presentation PDF and such.

I JUST THOUGHT....I think this might work better horizontally. After thinking about my mock-up and staring at it for a couple's a little wobbly because it is light, and if laid horizontally I think it would still be functional as far as being able to rotate and mix up the message. hmmmmm.

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