Thursday, November 12, 2009


The openers purpose it to present and introduce the show in a visually pleasing way that describes what kind of show it is, and also communicate to the viewer who is in it or hosting the event or show. In a visually linear form it will take and describe to the viewer the people involved. I think this graphic design piece exists because it helps tell and inform the viewer of what's happening.

Context for the work:
Surrounding this would be a commercial before hand which would most likely consist of an advertisement for a company to persuade the users to buy their products. (Brunswick, Storm, etc) Behind this opening will consist of the actual show the opening is for.

This will appear on a sport channel (since that's kind of the only place I have seen bowling televised, and it will be right before the event (possibly the last commercial before the viewer is returned to it's regular showing.

I am thinking this will most likely be a stand-alone that does not require a presenter physically, but voice over will most likely be present. Some other things on this channel would be other sport related commercials (again commercials persuading users about other products such as bowling ball or new innovative bowling bag or something along those lines. Also, since this is a sports channel, there maybe interruptions from other sport coverage that may not necessarily be bowling related.

The audience consists of all age groups and types of people. Mainly, of course, they would consist of people who have some knowledge or interest in the sport of bowling. They would be family members, other professional bowlers, and prospective bowlers. Also, a small portion would be bowling companies (ones that have either sponsored, want to sponser, scouts, etc).

The project I have chosen to go with is the show opener. I am deciding to go with this one because for one I find it more of an interesting idea to work with, but also because I think my subject matter (bowling) does not have a broad of a range of audience such as football. This will intern leave an opening for grasping other audiences and retrieving more viewers because of my visually pleasing opener. ha.
Well based on the Trollback & Company lecture event I went to, I would say that many professional places are currently working on openings for shows/movies/events. For example, Trollback showed a couple of openings for TED, Nickelodeon, and more TED-like event openings. Also, MK-12 has done openings for movies like "Stranger than Fiction" and "Casino Royale". From these examples, I think they will play well as far as recognition and thinking along the lines of current works. I think it will even play well that I took our simple first project of making books, and integrated the subject/style into something more broad and advertising related.

With this example, I like the approach with stop motion. It uses image, sound effects, and voice to show depict the event of bowling.

In this video I like the way they go through the titles (as the camera is traveling down the lane), but also the idea of personifying the pins. Kind of like the way I did, but visually depicted them.

In this video they are using the action of bowling to as a way of depicting their insurance company. Gotta love the cavemen.

This is kind of the route I would like to do. Promote a bowling event/competition.

Also an example of what I am thinking of doing with my movie.

An 80's version of the video above. ha. A series.

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