Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Judging by some of the feedback from last class, I have decided to declare 2 different statements that build together to make the full-title page. The cover states "Good Design" - which leaves the viewer a little unknown as to what kind of design, but most likely will think pottery because of the image. The half-title page states "Design is for everyone" - a pretty basic statement. And finally, the full-title page spells it all out; explaining to the viewer that "Good Design is for everyone | Russel Wright". I'm still working toward finding a solution to spreading the love to the gutter, and not making it seem as if it is some black hole my elements are afraid of.

Below is what I had ready for last class. As you can see, I tried a couple different cover options...maybe if they ended up being a series. (Book 1: pottery, Book 2: furniture, Book 3: Landscape/Architecture.)

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